JST-CREST / IEEE-RAS Spring School on "Social and Artificial Intelligence for User-Friendly Robots"

17-24 March 2019, Shonan Village, Japan

Invited Speakers

  • Mehul Bhatt, Orebro University, Sweden
  • Mehul Bhatt Tutorial : COGNITIVE VISION - Integrated Vision and AI for Embodied Perception and Interaction
    Abstract : The tutorial on "Cognitive Vision" addresses computational vision and perception at the interface of language, logic, cognition, and artificial intelligence. The principal emphasis of the tutorial is on the integration of vision and artificial intelligence from the viewpoint of embodied (visual, visuo-spatial, visuo- locomotive) perception, interaction, and autonomous control. Particular themes addressed by the tutorial include: - declarative representation and reasoning about spatio-temporal dynamics - deep semantics and explainable visual computing (e.g., about space and motion) - vision and computational models of narrative - cognitive vision and multimodality (e.g., multimodal semantic interpretation) - visual perception (e.g., high-level event perception, eye-tracking) - methodological integrations between vision and AI In addition to basic research questions, the tutorial addresses diverse application areas where, for instance, the processing and semantic interpretation of (potentially large volumes of) highly dynamic visuo-spatial imagery is central: autonomous systems, cognitive robotics, self- driving vehicles, visuo-auditory media design, and psychology & behavioural research domains where data-centred analytical methods are gaining momentum. The tutorial will position an emerging line of research that brings together a novel & unique combination of research methodologies, academics and communities (e.g., AI, ML, Vision, Cognitive Linguistics, Psychology, Visual Perception, Spatial Cognition).

    Bio: Mehul Bhatt is Professor within the School of Science and Technology at Örebro University (Sweden), where he is member of the Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS) research environment; he is also consulting guest professor at the Interaction Lab at the University of Skövde (Sweden). Mehul Bhatt directs CoDesign Lab EU, an initiative aimed at addressing the confluence of Cognition, Artificial Intelligence, Interaction, and Design Science for the development of human-centred cognitive assistive technologies and interaction systems. He is director of the research and consulting group DesignSpace, and pursues ongoing research in Cognitive Vision and Spatial Representation and Reasoning. His research focuses on visuospatial cognition and computation at the interface of AI, Cognitive Science, HCI, and Design Science. His group develops human-centred technologies and artefacts for application in contexts where human-centred engineering is crucial, e.g., autonomous systems, architecture and built environment design, communications and media design. Mehul?s research particularly emphasises the study of human- behaviour (embodied multimodal interaction) in naturalistic settings as a principal means of technology driven human-centred cognitive assistance in planning, decision-making, and design situations that require an interplay of commonsense, creative and specialist visuospatial thinking. Previously, Mehul Bhatt was Professor within the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Bremen (Germany) and Stiftungs Professor at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI Bremen).